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Eastern High

Eastern High Flourish in Life

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  • 15/09/17

    Don't we look good?

    Throughout my career, I've always been on the fence when it comes to uniform.   Part of me wants to recognise the young people as individuals and allow them to express their personalities through the clothes they wear.  The other side of me recognises how costly it would be f...
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  • 25/08/17

    Should we enter student early for their GCSE exams?

      There were some concerns raised in the press recently regarding schools entering students for GCSE exams early, i.e. at the end of Year 10, rather than at the end of Year 11.   As a Headteacher I can see both sides of the argument, but it’s a fence I’ve certainly jump...
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  • 22/06/17

    Uniform or not?

    A couple of weeks ago while half listening to the news, my ears pricked up when I heard the words ‘headmaster’ and ‘uniform’.   It turned out a poor headmaster in England was unlucky enough to send some pupils home for not wearing correct uniform on a day when there...
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  • 11/11/16

    Celebrating Success at the Eastern High Awards Evening

    What a pleasure it was to stand on the stage in our main hall last week and present certificates and awards to last year’s Year 11 and to many of our current students.   
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  • 27/10/16

    Welcome to our new site

    It’s been a while in the planning, but at last we have our new website up and running.   It’s not completely populated yet, but over the coming weeks we’ll make sure it has all the information you need regarding the school.   I plan to use this blog to ensure...
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